Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spike in the Beltway

This news, via Kit, bugs me: Spike from TC4 is opening his own restaurant near Capitol Hill in DC. Y'all know I don't like the guy too much (just look at my live-blogs for TC4, which I'm not doing tomorrow by the way). But really, I don't like any of them too much. Richard was kind of alright but he's starting to annoy me now. But (and Kit I only thought of this after commenting on your site) this might actually mean he had to pack those knives and go before the finale. Why else would he be announcing plans to open a restaurant now? Just makes sense to me.

I wanted to find a funny video on YouTube to express my sentiments, but alas, nothing. But I did find this funny spoof on Rachael Ray. And since every day is open season on Rachael Ray, well, just watch.