Saturday, March 08, 2008

A State Dessert?

I saw something wonderful yesterday morning on WJZ. Marty Bass was schmoozing all over this poor woman from Smith Island who makes those wondrous Smith Island Cakes (a picture from the Smith Island Cruises website is above) on a regular basis. Here's the video. Both he and one of the crew pretty much melted when they started eating it. And no wonder - look at the thing!

I've never been to Smith Island, one of the southernmost points of Maryland, with its own characteristic dialect (it sounds to me like a unique blend of Bawlmerese and Virginia Tidewater, plus something else I just can't put my finger on). And you cannot get there by car - you have to take a ferry from Crisfield. Their cake must be something awesome. There's a new bill in Annapolis to make it the official state dessert. Maybe it'll be a little more available on this side of the Bay?

I tried to make a Smith Island Cake once. It was not a pretty sight. I got maybe four or five good layers (some too thick), and some disturbingly large cookies. I should just leave it to the folks that normally do this. I wish there was some place to get it in Baltimore!


Anonymous said...

We are planning a trip to the Dogfish brewery. Want to come?

John said...

It depends on when, because i work some night, but sure! I've been meaning to get there for a while now. Let me know when.

Katie said...

I've had this cake, I went to college in Salisbury and they are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I had a slice as well. Delicious.