Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is this on the up and up? YOU decide

Various food bloggers have gotten this exact same post. I know because I've seen it elsewhere and I myself got it the other day. Being naturally mistrustful, I deleted it because I didn't know if it was spam or not. Rachel just the exact same message in her comments, so I investigated from there. It doesn't really look like spam to me. So not to be uncharitable, here it is. You decide.

UPDATE - baed on Rachel's experiences with this type of message several times a week, I'm removing the links to "Jeena"'s website. If there really is a Jeena. I've replaced the links with bold face, so as not to give her any linkage.

Hi there my name is Jeena and I have started a food recipe forum that I thought you would like to join here Click here for food recipe forum

I would love to see you on there to chat about food and cooking and you can talk about anything you like and start your very own topics. :-)
or see my main food recipe website Jeenas food recipe site

You have an excellent food website yourself and your just the right person to take part on our cooking forum, your going to love it!

Hope to see you soon- your most welcome to come and join us foodies, we are a friendly group and you will have lots of fun. :-)


Jeena x
I was probably just being paranoid and silly. But Jeena has four different blogs. It's probably fine.

UPDATE 2 - With that attitude, you might be surprised that I don't give out my credit card number or click on spam messages in my mailbox or anything like that.


Rachel said...

I get that same stupid comment 5-10 times a week. I don't care if it is "legit" or not, it is rude, never connected to the post and is basically just free advertising for "Jeena". I delete it as soon as I can. Honestly if she is trying to get me or anyone else to join the thing, a more direct and polite way would be to directly email the information.

John said...

Ah, so I should've gone with my gut instincts! I'm removing the links now.

roopa said...

I got that too, and I got a similar one from her a few months ago. I deleted both.

Julie said...

Jeena's prolific. She's been a point of discussion on Food Blog S'cool too where the general consensus seems to be that Jeena is not an actual person but a spambot front.

Kitt said...

Funny. I just saw one of jeena's comments at Chubby Hubby and thought it looked suspicious. I googled jeenaskitchen and spam, and your post came up. Suspicions confirmed, thanks. (And thanks for the link to the discussion, Julie.)