Saturday, February 23, 2008

Strange food things on the TV lately...

A few mini-posts together...

From the "Once again, I know no Southerner who would eat that" files

I joke about Paula Deen a bit. I still do like her, despite all the dangerous things she has been making lately. But I am first to admit that she's becoming a parody of herself. The latest shocking thing that I saw her make was on her recent brunch episode. Most of the stuff she made looked tasty to me - garlic cheese grits (a stick of butter - fattening), a fruit parfait (seems safe, though looks can be deceiving), etc.

Then came this. Her burger (not so bad) between two halves of a two Krispy Kreme donuts (WHOA!), topped with a fried egg (my chest hurts...) and several slices of bacon (What's that sharp pain in my left arm?). She told her friend, who sang at her most recent wedding and who got the first bite (nice way to treat a friend), "We're gonna get arrested for this!" So even Paula realizes what a bad idea this is!


Here! It'll make ya' FEEL good FEEL good FEEL good FEEL good FEEL good FEEL good*

Again - this is for a brunch. You probably won't see this on the menu at Gertrude's. Actually you don't find this on the menu at the Lady and Sons in Savannah either. Wonder why?

I'm actually surprised she didn't deep-fry it.

From the "Heheheh, See my super-keen bachelor pad in my mom's basement" files

I have searched all over the web to find a video of this absurd, irritating ad (enough people on bad commercial websites have bitched about it). But alas, no one has had the foresight to YouTube it yet. So I just took some photos. Y'all know this ad. It's Golden Corral's "steakdar" ad.

I can so tell that he's rare. All us rare guys can "sense" it.

"Steak-dar" - it's a gift. Insert own punchline.

ESP for steaks?

*EXTRA kudos to anyone who remembers THAT reference. Hint: anti-drug PSA, Saturday morning TV in the 1980's. It might've been local to Baltimore but I could be wrong.


Pigtown-Design said...

I thought I would hurl when I read the paula deen thing.

Good job yesterday!

Anonymous said...

That is just nasty.

johnny dollar said...

i've been to lady and sons, and can confirm that such a foodstuff was not available at that time.

Meghan said...

I love Paula's personality... but that krispy burger is got to be the worst idea yet!

diningdish said...

DEEEEGusting. Blecck! but we all wrote about it and that was the end goal.....

Jonzee said...

Actually...this is not a Paula original creation.

Of course the damn thing will kill you but it is actually served at the minor league stadium in Saint Louis where it was invented.

And something similar is served at a restaurant in suburban Georgia--though it was neither inspired/nor necessarily named after the late Luther Vandross.

John said...

PD - Me too. I's why I no longer eat donuts at all, except once in a long while.

Leslie: I agree - like Fairfax I wanted to hurl.

J$: Some friends went to Charleston and Savannah on a trip, and on my suggestion they actually went to Lady & Sons. Sadly they told me it was a pretty mediocre buffet.

Meghan: Agreed. She seems like a nice person. I'm just disturbed by that lard-and-sugar-covered burger.

Jonzee: Now I thought I had heard of this from some faraway sports stadium in the Midwest! I was disgusted then, too. As for that suburban Georgia burger: I have the perfect title for a Vandrossian theme song - "The Power of Lard/Lard Power". It'd work!!! (I haven't thought of that song since high school).