Friday, February 08, 2008

He ate a kid? (or "Superheroes for president!")

First off, I myself will make no endorsements or "anti-endorsements" of any of the presidential candidates on this website. With that out of the way, YouTube stars Bobby Jennings and Kevin Brueck of WickedAwesomeFilms have equally strange, equally dueling endorsements for president.

The first is self-explanatory.

Hell, wouldn't we all vote for Obama if he had laser eye beams? I mean, I'd be kind of afraid not to.

The second is on here mainly for the large olive in the background. Have to keep the food connection somehow.

He didn't really eat a kid.

UPDATE: Forgot to add: the "Chesapeake Primaries" are this Tuesday. Vote if you're registered in Maryland, Virginia or the District (I am, but I don't belong to a political party. So I'm not allowed to vote in Maryland). Our vote actually MEANS something this time!!!


wickedawesomefilms said...

wicked awesome post!

John said...

Thanks, fellas! Loved Ninja Apples, BTW (hmmm, I probably should've posted that too, considering my "food theme").