Monday, December 03, 2007

Seasons Eatings...AAAAAAA!

Even more than that super-bizarre Iron Chef Holiday Sugar Battle comes this even stranger ad a la those Rankin/Bass Claymation ads that always came on TV twenty years ago:

At least Messrs. Snow and Heat Miser aren't in the ad, too:


roopa said...

Do you think that Giada is pissed that her animated self looks JUST like her - HUGE bobblehead, HUGE fake smile, and tiny body (and what's up with her weird feet...they look like horses hooves...)

John said...

She may be pissed, but with that big, toothy grin who can tell?

As for the feet: Isn't it obvious? She's Mistress Foot Miser! (Would've said Miss but I gotta keep the same beat in the song here).

And that Paula Deen animated figure is just creepy. Isn't she a wee bit bigger than that?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand these spots. They are just weird.

John said...

They are, Leslie, aren't they? And more than a wee bit creepy.