Thursday, November 08, 2007

Maybe in Zimbabwe (or, From the "Unbelievable Waste of Money" Section)

I don't care what they put in it - no chocolate sundae should be worth 25 grand. Ever.

But even though the dollar is, currently, in the toilet, that's nothing compared to what it'd cost in, say, Zimbabwe. At the current rate of inflation, you could buy half a normal sundae for about $25,000 Zimbabwean dollars. Check it out (courtesy of I had to hunt for this information.)

Live rates at 2007.11.08 16:55:33 UTC
Notice: The ZWD rate shown below is the official rate. Actual available ZWD rates may vary significantly.

1.00 USD


30,005.00 ZWD

United States Dollars Zimbabwe Dollars
1 USD = 30,005.00 ZWD 1 ZWD = 0.0000333278 USD


roopa said...

The jewelry it comes with is really ugly. I'd rather go to Tiffany's and buy myself $24,990 worth of jewels and spend my remaining $10 on a sundae.

Fairfax said...

love that way i can keep an eye on my GBP account and be happier than i am with my USD account.

danielle said...

Unrelated to your post, but I thought of you: Free Eats.

John said...

Danielle: Oooh, that picture of Bernadette Peters on that website is CREEPY! She's reached that creepy old lady phase already!? Surprising.