Sunday, November 18, 2007

CBS Sunday Morning Show

It just started - today's episode of CBS Sunday Morning is all about food - because this week is Thanksgiving. Topics include the US's fascination with celebrity chefs, a visit to McCormick in Sparks that starts a look at the history of some of our favorite spices (and their truly international pedigrees), ridiculously overpriced restaurants (making those truffles that sell for $999.99 a pound at Wegman's look positively "ghetto"), fasting for spritiual and non-spiritual enlightenment, among other things (I could only figure out a permanent link for the first story). There's also a collection of interactive food quizzes! And their "Are You Food Savvy" quiz isn't what you'd expect. Their first question reads thus:

Comparing low-carb and high-carb dieters, who lost the most weight at the end of a year?
I went against the conventional wisdom and got it right. It was one of three questions I correctly answered. Out of ten. I don't feel so savvy right now.

Am I now becoming that sort of person who watches CBS Sunday Morning? It's not the most exciting show. They can take a fascinating subject - King Tut, human trafficking, hip hop roller derbies, whatever - and make them so, well, not exciting. Just kind of blaaaah. Which is why I will probably switch back and forth between it and the Food Network, which is all food all the time.

Speaking of TV: didn't Project Runway kind of suck on Wednesday? I've been thinking about it and it's becoming a parody of itself already. I hate to see that happen to it because it really is better than most reality TV shows: it's a creative challenge, not one where you have to eat bugs, or sleep five people to a bedroom while trying to plan how to vote your roommates out of the house, or be crammed in gorgeous digs that a third world dictator's children fantasize about living in while a TV network that used to play music pays for your room and board while you intern at your dream job (Real World my ass). But this group is pretty silly. Which is why I was really left rolling on the floor when I skipped all the PR blogs and found this extra-bitchy review of Episode 1 by Dave White for the Advocate (the GLBT version of People). Leave it to a gay man to throw the best insults at a group of fashion design reality show contestants! I love this line; it kills me:
Elisa is creating something that looks like what would happen if Sigmund the Sea Monster shit out Celia Cruz. [links added by me]
Nuff said. Funny! Even funnier with visuals!!!

Take this:

Then add and then violently subtract this:

And you end up with this:

Funny, yes?


Fairfax said...

ya don't need to post this, but i linked the recipe to the cranberry upside down cake. click the photo. all i can say is to make SURE that your springform pan is water-tight.

John said...

Groovy! I will go see that recipe right now, thanks 8-)

Summer said...

I've been watching CBS Sunday morning for a few years now, and yes, it's weird to be that kind of person, but sort of oddly comforting too. I was kind of peeved this morning though as they explained that what we think of as cinnamon is not really cinnamon... what's up with that? I feel cheated! I just looked at my expensive bottle from Penzey's and it said "cinnamon: Cassia". So not cool. What I want to know is all the research done on cinnamon... does it apply to cassia?

oh, and wrapping your springform pan in foil before putting it in water helps with the water-tight thing.

John said...

Summer: Thanks for the info. Then again I am now the guy that listens to NPR almost exclusively while I'm in the car. Except when Fresh Air is on - that show just bores the hell out of me.

Fairfax said...

Ditto for NPR... news and note is the one i turn it off for. but i love the world and it's bbc news reports.

John said...

I do like News and Notes. I listen to The World sometimes, and the BBC News. I often find myself listening to the morning talk shows, because I'm often in my car or near a computer when they're on. I usually skip WYPR and head right for DC's NPR station for the Kojo Nnamdi Show, especially for their Tech Tuesday segment and their Maryland and Virginia Politics Hours. Then I listen to Tell Me More right after it.