Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Deep Fried Stuffing

Hmmm. What are Paula, Bobby and William "The Refrigerator Perry" frying up?

In a recent comment, I was really hoping that Leslie was just kidding about this Paula Deen delicacy:

I don't think gyms should have foodnetwork on their tv's. Biking 5 miles then running 3 while watching her FRY stuffing on a stick is JUST NOT RIGHT.

Sure enough, guess what I saw Her Ladyship frying up on a stick tonight?

Yup, stuffing, dredged in flour, on a stick. DANG! She really did that? Not that I have any right to criticize, me eating my Wendy's hamburger for dinner. Still, Paula, I don't think I'm following you to the fried stuffing place. Not yet anyway.

Just one more: here's the money shot, folks. And everyone got fried stuffing on a stick.


danielle said...

I saw her deep fry a cake the other day. What can't she fry?!

John said...

I would've said ice cream before I was introduced to the wonders of tempura ice cream. Too bad I can't find tempura green tea ice cream east of the Mississippi. The closest one I know of is in Claremont, California.

Broadsheet said...

That episode was awful! She also deep fried cranberry sauce. No kidding. She took a CAN of jellied cranberries, froze it, sliced it into rounds, battered them, and deep fried them. They came out like jelly donuts. It was beyond disgusting.

John said...

Nothing against jellied cranberry sauce - actually I love the stuff. But I must say: I'm just not ready to fry it and eat it. Ick.

Anonymous said...

I did not see this episode, but saw the recipes on Foodnetwork, one of which is deep fried lasagna. Totally gross. Does that even count as cooking?

roopa said...

I watched the insanity last night. I can't believe she deep-fried a WHOLE CAKE LAYER!