Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blogger Happy Hour Part II

Leave it to Snay, the anointed "historian" of last night's blogger event, to list all of the folks who showed up. As for me, I am staying with the folks tonight because: 1) my sister and I are going to the Washington Convention Center for the big Metro Cooking event, particularly to 1a) see the Lady herself, Paula Deen, in "concert" - and 2) my folks are half an hour closer to DC than I am.

And guess who left his camera at home before he left? His camera with all those Happy Hour pix on it? Yep, dumbass boy. So I will post my Happy Hour photos, er, later! As for tomorrow, I'll be borrowing my mother's camera. What, you think I'm missing snapping photos of Paula Deen live and in person?