Friday, October 12, 2007

Octovember Blogger Happy Hour!

Danielle posted about this a few days ago. I'm linking and spreadin' the love. She and Charissa are the hosts. It'll be at Holy Frijoles on Friday, November 2 at 6 pm. Some of my favorite bloggers will be out of town, sadly, but a few others will be around. And I get the impression from reading Danielle's blog that quite a few folks should be showing up. I mean lots of people. It looks like:

  • it's Johnny Dollar's birthday that weekend
  • Rachel and her hubby, with his new blog, will both be there also
  • I've been chatting with Leslie (Atlanta Social) at the Southern Social, who should be in College Park visiting her hubby that weekend; she's hoping to come up too! She is hoping to bring her friend Alyssa from Jersey (Fairfax designed her header BTW - Alyssa's, not Leslie's)
And the best part for me? For the first time, it looks like I will actually be able to go that weekend!!! Followed by Paula Deen* in DC on Sunday, this will be a fun weekend.

*Forgot to mention: My sister and I are going to Washington on Sunday 11/4 to see Paula Deen in action at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show. We bought the tickets in May. We are obsessive. Okay, at least I am - Cathy just wanted to see Paula Deen. I on the other hand have to plan months and months in advance, or else I will wait until the last nanosecond to act.

UPDATE 10/15 - I was misinformed: Leslie may instead be bringing her husband along. Sorry for my mistake!


johnny dollar said...

seeya there?

it will be an honour... :D

Malnurtured Snay said...

Hey, awesome. Looking forward to meeting you!

roopa said...

I can't make it :( But I have a good excuse - I'll be in Scotland!

Have an extra cucumber margarita for me!

Sore-leggedly yours,

(I ran in the team relay of the Baltimore Marathon today - go me!)

John said...

Y'all: Looking forward to it, folks. CYA there.

Roopa: You go girl!!! Good for you!

danielle said...

Yay! Thanks for posting and making it sound so fabulous and for inviting the out-of-town guests. It'll be great to have you all!

ps - I <3 Paula Deen. How fun!