Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Top Ten Posts with Casey Kasem

Okay, no Casey Kasem. But I've combed through the past twelve months of posts and found about 80 that I really liked to go back and read over and over again, at least for a little while. I winnowed that list down to a final 10 - kind of like American Top 40, but with posts from this insignificant little blog. They are in chronological order (in other words, I was too damn lazy to decide which of these I liked the best):

1. One of my earliest reviews, about one of many trips to one of my favorite restaurants, hands down - the Helmand. (9/23/06)

2. Vanilla. Chocolate. Several pounds of butter, milk and powdered sugar. No, get your mind out of the gutter - it was just my all-night fudge-a-thon. (12/06/06)

3. More fudge, from Jolene Sugarbaker the Trailer Park Queen. My first exposure to La Jolene was her pinto bean fudge. (12/10/06)

4. A funny (to me at least), bitchy look back at one of my, er, less favorite eating experiences, the Grill Art Cafe. (01/06/07)

5. Spa-ghe-e-tti Toooowwwwnnn! (the original poster took down this YouTube gem, but it's now up on Comedy Central's website. Watch it before it's gone!!!) (02/23/07)

6. I must like Les Stroud, Survivorman, now in its second season. I suddenly have a hankerin' for campfire-roasted Kalahari scorpion. (04/26/07)

7. Okay, upon reflection it's not very good, but I still liked Cafe Hon enough (dissents noted). At least it's better than Grill Art. Which doesn't say a lot. (05/06/07)

8. Any readers who haven't been here yet? This is Baltimore. This is madness! This...Is...HONFEST!!!!! (say that like Gerard Butler in 300) (06/10/07)

9. My own reflections on the blogger-induced whinings of one onion-skinned Mario Batali. (06/28/07)

Artscape in haiku -
Because Artscape moved me, man.
Read it for yourself.


Dan said...

John: First off, congrats on the year anniversary. There are many blogs out there that never make it past those first early posts and you should be proud of your excellent endeavor. It's always a fun read and I get lots of good info and suggestions from it.

BTW, I totally missed your original post about the whole Batali Hates Bloggers story. Thanks for the links to THG.

John said...

Dan: Thanks very much, and you're welcome about the links! I'm glad you enjoy it. It's good to hear that as I do respect your opinion. Wait! I didn't mean I don't respect anyone else's! But I enjoy yours too and look at it as a standard to hold mine to. And then I get goofy and post stuff like all those things from YouTube.

It's weird but sometimes I get obsessive about updating it and post three or for things in a day (which is probably why I've posted over 450 times in a year), and other times I stay away for a day or two.

As for the Batali link: I thought you had seen that. Yeah, after reading your post, and then his article and all the responses to it, I got kind of irritated with Batali and felt insipred :D