Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vacation Over

Sadly, my vacation is done. **SIGH** The next time I post anything I'll be back in the comfort of my home in Bawlmer. But I have one or two things left to write about:

Papaya Bay of Yucaipa

Jim took me to this Thai restaurant, Papaya Bay, in this remote, dusty little Yucaipa strip mall. Note that this city isn't very big to begin with, but hey, it's the desert, so 40,000 people can live on a patch of land much bigger than they need anyway. My jaw dropped when I walked in; the place is gorgeous, with all this beautiful woodwork and even a fancy table and chairs when you walk in, all ornate Thai woodworking.

The food was just as good, and as usual we ordered too much of it. For starters we ordered some egg rolls - crispy and with a sweet and sour sauce - and some puff pastry sort of thing that looked like a tiny empanada, but with curry and potatoes in it - still done up in Thai style. This latter one came with a sweet vinegary sauce with little chopped-up red onions and cucumbers in it.

Then our soup came out - tom kha gai, which I have never received as a complimentary part of my meal before (and so good). Next was the mains course. Mine was panang curry chicken, which I've never had before. Smooth and coconutty (coconut milk, not coconut bits), a little hot. It looked more like a stew than anything else, and came with a large mound of white rice. It also came with a little salad that I didn't bother with.

Total price for two: about $38.

Café Sevilla of Riverside

It seems to have become a tradition, our going to Café Sevilla once during every trip out here. We went in April and we did it again. Just a note of advice (heads up, Danielle, if you make it out this far; you'll be in LA by the time you read this): if you are out in Riverside, go there on a Wednesday night. They have tapas platters, and they are all half price. We got $50 worth of tapas for $25 easily, not even that. Plus, try their sangarita. It's their claim of "Spain meets Mexico!" It's just a margarita mixed with sangría, and put in a standard short glass with sugar instead of salt around the rim. Tasty. Total was about $60.

And that's it. I'm off to the local Vons (a Safeway subsidiary - note how alike their websites look) or Stater Bros for something to eat on the plane. I could just get something between connections in Phoenix, but I won't have enough time and it probably won't be any good anyway.


danielle said...

Sorry your trip is ending. I am in LA now. Thank you so much for the heads up. The tapas and sangarita sound great. Unfortunately, we won't be heading over to Riverside. I will try to blog where we do go. Although I don't think my descriptions will be as thorough as yours, I'm in the habit of taking pics of my food at restaurants, even my food on the plane this morning. :)

Butters and Johnnycakes said...

Sounds like you had a great time snacking your way through Cali!

John said...

Danielle: I am obsessive. When I write I can't stop! I know we all look forward to whatever you put on your blog, photos, words, sounds, whatever! But you know that I'm sure :)

B&JC: I sure as heck did! Sad to be back but I'll always have that massive tapas platter and the Screaming Orgasm (sashimi dish).

John said...

Danielle: What airline is this that they gave you food on the plane? I haven't had food on a plane since British Airways in December! Unless you mean those peanuts and the 100 calorie Lorna Doones that Southwest gives you.