Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tea Cookies and Brains

I must say, I really like Giant's simple little tea cookies. No, not the ones they make up to look like crabs or alligator heads or (most recently) chalkboards or apples with worms poking out of 'em, for school, of course (BTW: I know of no teacher, paraeducator, school administrator or college professor that keeps an apple on her or his desk. And I know a lot of these people). No, I mean the simple little butter cookies with the large whisps of chocolate swirled on top. Mmmm.

I've lost a little weight, so I splurged a wee bit and went for the aforementioned tea cookie. No, I didn't go for the Berger cookies. It's the best cookie in America, true, but each packs 130 calories and once I eat one, I must eat 10. Willpower just melts away when I've stuffed half a Berger cookie in my mouth.

I recently finished the fourth - $8 per pound, I got a quarter pound, or four cookies - and am in cookie bliss right now. To recover, I'm vegging with Ace of Cakes. They're making what must be my favorite cake of theirs ever - no, not the Camden Yards groom's cake, not the lacrosse players on Raven's field cake, but a cake of a man's head, with two tiny zombies eating his brains. Mind you, I've always been a bit of a zombie geek - they don't just eat brains; they eat everything! This has irked me a bit whenever I see representations of zombies eating brains (thanks to Return of the Living Dead). But it's a great cake. I wish I could find a photo of it! The zombies are so adorable!!! *

* Bet ya' don't hear that sentence every day.