Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where to Eat in DC? / Labor Day Fun

Leslie (Atlanta Social) at the Southern Social blog will be down in College Park and DC this Labor Day and asked in a recent post:

[H]ow much do you agree with the reviews on DC Foodies. I have been reading alot of their archives to figure out where to start.
I couldn't help, because I don't read the DC Foodies blog that often - though I think I really should the next time I head down to our nation's capital.

To give her some tips, I left what I only realized afterwards was an embarrassingly loooooong comment (d'oh, I got really carried away) about some of my favorite places in DC and Baltimore. But I wanted to ask the rest of y'all to wrack your brains: what are some good places that you would recommend to eat in DC?

On that note: what's everyone up to this holiday weekend? I am heading down to Virginia to check out the 400th birthday celebration of Jamestown (and its probably much older Powhatan village nearby). Yes, the motel has wireless (it says it does anyway), I will be taking photos, and I will be writing about my trip. Might even do a side trip to Virginia Beach or OBX if I have the time. This'll probably be my last trip for a while - perhaps Philly or New York during Christmas break, maybe a trip to see my cousin in Augusta (I haven't decided). After all that I've seen lately, frankly I'm bushed! That and I'm saving for a big trip in March (more on that as it gets closer).


Alex said...

For a good burger and excellent fries, try Ollie's Trolley at the corner of 12th & E St. NW. It can be hard to find good (and cheap) food in DC, and they're one of my favorites.

Dan said...

I highly recommend Hank's Oyster Bar at 1624 Q Street. Some of the best mussels I've ever had, killer Lobster Roll, nice outside dining.

As for weekend plans, big community yard sale tomorrow (I'm shopping not selling), some recipe trying (Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Hot Dogs), some recipe creating (we're doing a food competition at another food group), watch some US Open (my fave tennis tourney), and take a trip to the MD State Fair. My wife won 2nd place for her chocolate cake last week and we want to see if she won anything for what she entered this week. And eat deep fried food on a stick.