Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Heads Up, Pigtowners

Look out for this, Fairfax! The Sixth Annual Pigtown Festival is happening on the 700 - 900 blocks of Warshnin Blvd on Saturday, September 8. Don't ya just love this graphic?


Fairfax said...

Not going to be here... hate to miss it.

roopa said...

I wanted to go but it turns out I'm going to Florida this weekend (yes, I'm going to melt). Hey, I have a funny story for you so send me an you still have my address?

Anonymous said...

Is this worth going too? I will be up in College Park this weekend and we are looking for something fun to do.

Also, how much do you agree with the reviews on DC Foodies. I have been reading alot of their archives to figure out where to start.