Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Can't Stop the Beat!

Saw the critically-acclaimed Hairspray remake last night at the Charles (it really is a Senator sort of film, but oh well). I dunno. I couldn't help comparing it to the musical. I've long since stopped the comparison with the original movie - the two are different creatures altogether. It is a little different, with some situations that just didn't feature into the musical (Velma Von Tussle seducing Wilbur? Umm, interesting...) But I enjoyed it, and laughed enough that by film's end, I got tired from it and couldn't laugh anymore. That happens on occasion. And there were one or two new songs. There always are - after all, they want something that can be nominated for an Oscar (original music only, nothing pre-existing). Yahoo! Movies averages the critic and audience reviews to an A-. I'd say that about sums it up, a B+/A-. I can never choose.

Before hand was dinner at the Zodiac. It was what I usually order: their standard burger with cheese and fries, with as much Guinness - on tap - as I can stand and afford (that's about 2 pints to get me slightly buzzed by the end of the meal, and the start of the film). With tip, this usually costs me about $21 (I left an extra tip this time - the waitress did put in a rush order, which I appreciated). I love their cheese choices: mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, fontina, bleu, and - I think - cheddar. I got mozzarella, which is just lovely on a hamburger. My last burger at the Zodiac fell apart; this one didn't. Actually, the mozzarella kept it from doing so. And far from being shriveled out and gummy, the fries were memorably crunchy and tasty. It's not only one of the cheapest dinners you can get there; it's one of the most consistently tasty ones (avoid the braised duck barbecue - nothing to write home about).

I know they say the place is haunted. It's part of their "mystique" in fact. I've never felt it. But I did feel like someone was standing right behind me before I got my meal, like I was being watched. Nobody there. I feel that way once in a while. Curious, very curious.


charm city cupcake said...

I'm going on Friday!

And, yeah, it's weird that it's not at the Senator. Hm.

Fairfax said...

live baltimore, hon... not maryland life... oh well... i think i saw you skulking around... were you wearing a blue shirt?

John said...

Oh, duh, I deliberately told myself "Nope, it's definitely not the Live Baltimore booth" and it WAS! Yep, I am officially a spazz :) And yes, I was in a blue Chelsea FC jersey.

John said...

CCC: Enjoy it!!! And the star is one of your homegirls - Nikki "Tracy Turnblad" Blonsky is from Brooklyn, New York!

charm city cupcake said...

Actually, Nikki is not from Brooklyn, but she is from Great Neck, Long Island, which is 5 minutes from where I grew up. So yes, she is my homegirl, I guess :)

John said...

You're right, as I found out watching Letterman last night. Of course the local news said "Brooklyn" - so that's why I said :) . I had a friend in Great Neck that I visited once on the way to Albany - I was grad school shopping a long time ago and stopped in on the way up.

Wow, Albany is COLD in the fall!