Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cheap Organic Food? Impossible.

Shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's makes me wince, because I eventually pass by the fresh produce and check out the prices. This is why I do not buy much fresh organic produce. So I was interested in this article about how and where to find cheap organic produce! Check it out. Some quick tips (the article goes into further detail):

  • beef, spinach and apples are better organic than most, because the non-organic alternatives are the most laden with pesticides and additives; also there are few if any organic standards for cosmetics, seafood and cleaning supplies
  • it's cheaper to buy hormone-free but not totally "organic"
  • wait for sales
  • buy at farmer's markets (which are often, though not always, "organic" by default; check this article out for more info)
  • try national supermarket organic lines - yep, most of 'em have them now!


narutoevil said...

Their are cheap organic foods and their are also expensive depending on the item. Like me I usually have an organic food delivered by my favorite store to my house. I really appreciated delivery because it won't make me hassle and tired. I'll just wait for my orders at home and then done! That's really amazing and fabulous, Try it too maybe it can lessen your burden. haha