Sunday, July 29, 2007

Deep fried things that were never meant to be deep fried... in Brooklyn? New York!?

Just reading some of the comments over at the Amateur Gourmet's website on a decadent deep fried Twix bar that Adam recently had at the Chip Shop in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, NY, in his own backyard (heads up, Charm City Cupcake). I thought it was just a Southern thing! Looking at the comments to his post, pretty much every place mentioned is below the Mason-Dixon Line - Atlanta, Dallas, Branson (Missouri), Baltimore. Who knew New York City would host deep fried snack foods?

But of course: you can find everything in New York. And you don't even have to go to Queens to do it!

Yes, it's true, their evil goodness has reached all over America. Here's the Gourmet's reaction, in his own words:


But that's not all: have no idea what you're in for when it comes to a deep fried candy bar. It's not just sick, sweet decadence: it's much more than that. The chocolate and caramel MELT within the crispy batter so that it becomes almost unrecognizable in its goodness, like a whole new category of sweets you never knew existed. Words fail me now. All I can say, is if you've never had a deep fried candy bar you really should. I plan to have one every day until I die which, if I really have one every day, may happen sooner rather than later. You're all invited to say "Ni" at my funeral.

Okay, man: Ni! Ni! Ni!


Fairfax said...

Honey... deep-fried Mars bars in Glasgow. Scotland. It's the national dish, just following neeps and tatties.

Thanks for your Gooooooal! I needed it.

John said...

¡Por nada! Deep fried Mars bars in Glasgow? Hmmm, again, I had no clue. But no deep fried haggis - that'd be blasphemy :D

TSG said...

Deep fried candies want to make me vomit. I've seen Twinkies. I had them on the boardwalk once. Sickeningly sweet.

John said...

They are indeed an acquired taste. And I haven't acquired it. For me, it's mostly fear - I am too afraid to put one of those things in my body. But who knows? I may change my mind.