Sunday, July 29, 2007

Holy Frijoles

I was quite impressed with the fast service I got last night at Holy Frijoles in Hampden, which is pretty close and easy to get to from the Rotunda - where I saw the Simpsons Movie (mini-spoiler: Homer's lust for donuts is a central catalyst in the plot). I'd see it again. Anyway, I got there, in, out and back in the course of one hour! There were a few places I could've gone, but my dress for the evening - shorts, sandals and an "Italia" tee shirt - sort of limited my dining options. I could've eaten at a nice place, but I'd feel kind of, y'know, out of place.

Anyway, I parked about 7:00, walked down the Avenue and got to Holy Frijoles about 7:05 or so. By 7:10 I was seated at the bar. After ordering their three soft taco platter ($9) - my choices were chorizo, chicken and black beans and corn, in small flour tortillas - it hit me that I didn't have enough cash on me. The bartender directed me to the BofA next door. I bolted out, got out enough money and ran back to the bar, all in the space of five minutes. About a minute after I sat down, there was my food, along with the Dos Equis on tap (about $3.50 if my math is right) that I ordered to wash it down.

The chorizo was definitely my favorite. I've eaten lots of chorizo in my life (no smart alecky remarks, please). The best I've ever had was in Morelia, Michoacán, at a Carlos O'Charley's (or was it a Señor Frog's?) near a McDonald's. Don't exactly recall the address. It was part of a taco bar I visited in 2000 (aviso: never drink 7 1/2 shots of tequila unless you really, truly want the mother of all hangovers in the morning). Next best was in Toluca, Edomex., the self-appointed world capital of chorizo. Toluca, at least in 2000, prides itself on its wonderful chorizo and its relatively safe taxis. Unlike Mexico City, where hailing a taxi on the street is asking for trouble (even in 2000), Toluca tells its visitors (in Spanish, of course), "Hey, you can hail our taxis off the street and never have to worry about getting robbed or kidnapped!" I don't know if that's changed in seven years; I hope not.

The chicken taco was tasty, though dry. I was satisfied with it. But the black bean taco had me scratching my head - where was the corn it advertised? Oh well. After two and a half tacos, lots of refried beans and Mexican rice, and most of a pint of Dos Equis, I was stuffed. I paid up about 7:35 and drove off to the Rotunda, where I arrived around 7:45 -wow, time to spare! I still had time to deliberate getting popcorn or not (it's what Homer would do - wait, is that really a motivation to do anything?). I did - $3.50 for a small one (as cheap as the Senator, 50 cents less than the Charles).

But I didn't finish the popcorn either. Only enough room to get a Corona ($4, lime, as always, is complimentary) at the Grand Central after the movie. And to my amazement, their upper level of their bar is now closed! It was quite easy to seclude yourself from all the noise and smoke up there. No more.


Fairfax said...

But where are YOU going for Restaurant week? And don't say you weren't warned!

John said...

Oooh, I've been mulling it over for weeks! In fact, thanks for motivating me. I'll post about it now.