Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's here! It's here!

The most wonderful week in Baltimore's culinary calendar is HERE! Tomorrow through Sunday is Baltimore Restaurant Week. Fairfax gently nudged me to get off my duff when she said, simply:

But where are YOU going for Restaurant week? And don't say you weren't warned!

I've been reminding everybody else, so I guess I needed that :)

Tentative plans, because I have a trip to save for, are one restaurant by day, and two by night. For now, it looks like I will hit one place I've been wanting to try, and some my friends want to. And to my friends in Hampden: yes, everything I eat will be posted, but I'll change your names and identities to protect the innocent. And if I can scrounge together $20 to $30 extra bucks, I'll hit somewhere else, but I don't know yet what that'll be.