Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am done with Whole Foods' buffet

I called in sick to work today. Part of it could be due to a stronger-than-usual workout yesterday (Crohn's + exercise2 - anti-inflammatory meds = ow). But part of it could also be due to Whole Foods' delicious but occasionally bacterial buffet, which I had for dinner after the workout. It's made me sick in the past, and it probably didn't help this time. One or the other and I'd probably be rubbing my stomach through work. But the combination of the two meant my throwing up all morning (Crohn's + exercise2 + Whole Foods buffet - anti-inflammatory meds = OOOWW!!!)

Mind you this is the one up in Mt. Washington, not the Harbor, whose food has only made me sick once. Though I must go out of my way to say that as far as bathroom cleanliness goes, Mt. Washington's WF easily wipes the floor with the Harbor's. Maybe they should use them to clean their floor, and toilets, and - oh I am making myself more sick now.

It's all as well. My car is finally done at the collision center. All this means is I can pick it up earlier today than I thought, even if I have to do it in a lot of pain.