Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And how will this not exacerbate my stomach-ache?

I just read about this on Time Magazine's website. The first zombie/slasher film in Pakistani history! Wait, you say: Pakistan has a movie industry? Barely, it seems. But "Lollywood" (the much bigger Bollywood is to Bombay, India as the much smaller Lollywood is to Lahore, Pakistan) is alive and kicking with Zibahkhana (Urdu for "Slaughterhouse", but the English name is Hell's Ground), about five Lahore teens (yes, boys and girls) taking a shortcut while the city is overrun with a mysterious illness that turns people into flesh-eating zombies.* Then there's a Freedy Krueger-esque character called "Burqa Man." That's all I'm saying.

Here's a compilation of trailers:

* This is the very loose tie-in to food