Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stuff to eat to ameliorate a stomach-ache?

Probably the best thing to eat is nothing. But one usually gets hungry. So what to eat when you're having a Crohn's attack? And I am lucky; mine is not really active unless I eat or do something that really irritates it.

Some things I have eaten today, some smarter choices than others:

  • small bowl of spaghetti with spray-on butter - Sufficiently bland enough, only caused mild irritation.
  • small handful of Frosted Flakes - Yes, I wanted a snack. Cereal is a valid snack.
  • chocolate pudding with whipped cream - Again, for a snack. But since I hadn't even had breakfast or much lunch, it was a bigger part of my day than it would normally seem.
  • lots and lots of water - Even that irritated things at first, but by the end of the day it was a blessing.
  • Progresso Italian Wedding Soup - They used to call it "Chickarina" Soup.
Like it or not, I'm forcing myself back to work tomorrow. The school year's almost over anyway and I have things to pack up.


Fairfax said...

Sweetie! Hope you're feeling lots better, but with the spray on butter, I doubt it... Get well (or better) soon.

John said...

Thanks! I'm already feeling up to going to work this morning.