Thursday, May 17, 2007

Han Ah Reum is redoing itself

God I love Han Ah Reum! That Korean super-duper market at the corner of Rte. 40 and Rolling Road, patronized by so many people, Korean and not, is looking better than ever. They have so many ingredients I cannot find in most places, and they are often cheaper than at the Giant across the street. And there are so many people from so many backgrounds there! I just crave the mixture of people.

I went in to buy a box of those Nongshim Kimchi Noodle Bowls, also picking up a container of instant Japanese noodles, and I passed by the rice puff area. Again, the guy pressing them was leaving the broken up extras out for people to take and eat, which I always do (I pass by his stand specifically for that reason).

I could not help but notice the brand new layout of the seafood area. Much more user-friendly, and much less crowded. It specifically showcases their fresh as can be Korean seafood (must try at some point). And, again, they have things you just can't find at Giant. The conch - fresh conch - was only about $1.50 per lb, and I was tempted to buy some right on the spot. But no time to cook lately.

The one problem with H-Mart is that the lines are always so freakin' long. Not today, for some reason. I was in and out of line fast enough to linger over a sweet rice red bean donut ($1.25). Some of their ready-to-eat meals are good, though I tend to stay away from their sushi and tempura bar (too many flies and they can call their fried offerings whatever they want, but it is not tempura). Their donuts - right next to the doors - are a mixed bag. The donut I got was filled with smooth red bean paste (yum) but the donut was a little chewy (the nature of rice flour donuts, perhaps?). But when I bit into it the damn thing tasted like a big mouthful of cooking oil. I had to blot it off. Maybe that's why I don't get their donuts that often.


danielle said...

I need to go back to H Mart (and I should thank Rachel of Coconut & Lime for pointing it out to me in the first place.) I've only been once and I spent at least 20 minutes just trying to figure out what soy sauce to buy! But we got so much stuff for cheap! I want to know what you would make with those bags of little dried anchovies???

Fairfax said...

While their baked goods look wonderful, i am sure they will be disappointing.

heading over to H-mart to get some quail eggs for devilling for a P-party tomorrow. have a huge surprise, which will be revealed on sunday's blog.

thanks for your good wished about my dad. not looking too good.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Danielle: Considering how my stomach reacted the last time I ate dried anchovies, I won't be making anything with them. But that conch? Hoo-wee, my mind is abuzz with the possibilities!!!

Fairfax: the baked goods look too expensive for me. The donuts? Those are interesting. I'd get the red bean donut again. But the sample of potato salad donut I tried? Bleah. (Yes, you read that right. Potato salad.)