Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mega Munch and the competitive eating in Pennsylvania

Y'all have been reading my posts enough (if not, they're there for your perusal). And there are a few things you may guessed about me. One of them is that I would probably not be the competitive eating type. I complain enough about calories (so why the hell do I eat out as much as I do? So confusing...) that I just can't picture my itty-bitty stomach in that situation.

And then there's Dave Shoffner in Harrisburg, PA (close enough to the Baltimore region that his blog definitely needs mention). I have just encountered his Mega Munch blog. He is definitely the competitive eating type, and has the most delicious pic of this Chinese buffet the likes of which I don't eat at much anymore. Also a funny photo of packaged rooster combs (ewww). I readily admit, the competitive eating world is one I know next-to-nothing about. Dave's page is an entertaining examination of it. The post with the Chinese buffet? He and his colleagues go to said buffet with scale in hand and see who can eat the most, in pounds, by weighing it. Definitely not a pick-at-your-food setting, like I sometimes create for myself.