Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brooklynite in Baltimore and a Yummy Monkey Cake

Check out Charm City Cupcake's delicious monkey cake project. She, like myself, can't get enough o' the house of Duff.

She also has a photo of that cool billboard where Natty Boh is proposing to the Utz girl. It's a billboard for Smith Jewelers.

OMG: look what I just found: an Utz Girl doll. AND one of her Grandma!

Oh hell, I'll just post the pic myself:


Fairfax said...

snack... love the new header. there's another place i should tell you about, but it's not off the beltway. let me know how much you like bbq and maybe i will tell my secret place to get it. ps. read my blog... dad died this afternoon. :-(

Baltimore Snacker said...

Fairfax: My deepest sympathies to you and your family. On another note: Yep, I'd love to find out about a good BBQ place.

charm city cupcake said...

Monkey cake is done! Check it out here:

Snacker - what kind of food are you looking for in Brooklyn?

Baltimore Snacker said...

CCC: I'll check out that cake definitely! I love all kinds of foods, so as long as it's inexpensive I'll probably be happy. Truly, anything whatsoever! If you wantmy favorites, it'd have to be Indian, sweets, sushi (which is never cheap unless you don't mind getting sick), and any place that sells Guinness on tap.

Fairfax: Also forgot, thanks on the header, the old one that Blogger gives is pretty boring.