Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bobby and Jamie Deen in NYC

The Deen bros, I hate to say, grate on my nerves just a weensy little bit (love their mama though, as y'all know). But they mean well. And the Road Tasted show has started to grow on me.

In anticipation of my road trip this weekend, I am sitting through half an hour of Bobby and Jamie exploring the ethnic neighborhoods of New York City. They're making this fancy Greek dessert with a Queens woman who cracks the whip so much that Jamie told her she's "worse than my mom!" And the brownies they made? You should've seen the looks on their faces when the young woman at the bakery let them try the pure cocoa squares she uses in her brownies, without telling 'em they were unsweetened. Funny, too funny!

Red-state, blue-state my ass. I love seeing Northerners and Southerners mixin' it up. Makes that ol' Mason-Dixon Line seem like just a line of stone boundary monuments.

Loosely-related update: Ooh! Duff Goldman's karate chopping a cake! He's so silly!


charm city cupcake said...

Hi! I'm from NYC so if you want any suggestions for food there, let me know!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Sure, I will definitely take you up on that offer! I'm really looking for tips for cheap but good places (on a budget). I'm staying in Manhattan but I'm hoping to get out to Brooklyn. I hear there's some fun shopping there.