Saturday, March 03, 2007

Persistent, no?

You may remember my recent run-in with the wretched Maya bar. Well, I just got a second post from the Larabar people, seeking to clarify the difference between the Maya and Jocolat bars. In fact, here's their post (from Lara):

Lara said...

Dear John,
I am writing to further clarify confusion with Maya and Jocalat.
Grocery stores such as Whole Foods will often carry an item that is being discontinued until the item sells out- that is why you still found them there.
Jocalat is our new product line and if you are interested I would love to send you samples of it and see what you think of our changes- we were not happy with Maya and thus why we discountinued it and came out with Jocalat.

Let me know if you are interested.

Best wishes,

Lara-- CEO & Founder of LARABAR

9:02 AM

They really want to clarify, I suppose. I have to say I'm not interested - if I do want to try it for myself, I'll just pay the $1.29 for it. But I may, on the advice of poster Cybele, not the advice of a corporation. NB: I'm not all "anti-corporation" or anything, but (no offense to the Larabar people) I'd rather find out for myself, acting in my own interests. So if I do that, I'll post it, and let you know what I think. In the meantime, stay away from those Maya bars (looks like even the Larabar people don't like 'em).


Rachel said...

I'd take them up on their offer, free food is free food! And I bet they would send a whole assortment! It is not uncommon (blog or no blog) for a company to offer to send out replacements if you are unhappy with their product.

Baltimore Snacker said...

You are right, Rachel, maybe I should contact 'em. And yet, I am such a damn stubborn fool to consider turning down free food! My father always said the same thing when I was little: don't pass up free food. I really should've listened!

cybele said...

I think they owe you a replacement, at least, for those dastardly tasting Maya bars. I honestly thought I just got a bad one, so I bought TWO MORE! Talk about a learning disability.

Don't be afraid to take the samples, as long as you make it clear that you might not like them and you're willing to share your feelings on your blog.

It wasn't until I got some free samples (at a tasting event) that I was willing to sink some money into them again (tho I still haven't seen them in stores). I'm a big fan of the Lara Bars because they're just nuts and dates instead of a bunch of corn syrups and junk.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Two votes for taking the free samples! Hmmm, I'll have to think about it.

Fairfax said...