Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maya Chocolate Energy Bar

I picked up Larabar's Chocolate Maya (formerly Jocolat) energy bar at Whole Foods. This is supposed to be a vegan treat (I've found it sold on a few vegan websites). Now I'm not a vegan, as you've probably guessed by now. But there's no rule saying I can't eat vegan food if I want to. Doesn't usually taste that good if it's manufactured for vegans, like in a factory. But I will try any food once.

The thing is nasty. I mean naaaaas-ty! I usually finish what I start eating. I took one bite of the chocolate energy bar and had to spit it out. I think it was flavored with fermented prune juice. P-toey!

UPDATE: Someone from the Larabar company emailed me. It reeked suspiciously of spam, the type of post they would send someone who simply wrote about it, no value judgment. So I didn't post it.


cybele said...

I think you have it backwards. Maya Bars were discontinued (as far as I can tell for the exact reason you cite ... they taste horrible).

They were replaced with the much better Jocolat Bars.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Well then, maybe the guy who commented wasn't a salesman per se. Though it still seems odd, seeing that Whole Foods gladly still sells 'em.

Lara said...

Dear John,
I am writing to further clarify confusion with Maya and Jocalat.
Grocery stores such as Whole Foods will often carry an item that is being discontinued until the item sells out- that is why you still found them there.
Jocalat is our new product line and if you are interested I would love to send you samples of it and see what you think of our changes- we were not happy with Maya and thus why we discountinued it and came out with Jocalat.

Let me know if you are interested.

Best wishes,

Lara-- CEO & Founder of LARABAR