Friday, March 02, 2007

Just how many football teams does this town have?

After our Ravens were kicked out of the running for the Super Bowl, I searched for stats for our city's other favorite sports heroes, the Orioles - we all know how their last season turned out - and the Blast - who, at the time, were uncharacteristically sucky. Looks like our soccer guys aren't doing so bad anymore, and are on a ten-game winning streak (including tonight's game against the Philly Kixx).

The Blast are playing tomorrow, but I have other plans (including a likely stop at my favorite Afghan restaurant the Helmand - see, this is a food-related post after all). And their website only lists games up to the end of March. So, kicking around the notion of taking in a soccer game sometime in the near future I checked the Baltimore - oops, 1st Mariner Arena website to find out if they might be playing at all in April.

Did you know Baltimore not only has an indoor soccer team, but an indoor football team as well? No, neither did I. But we do - ladies and gentleman, the Baltimore Blackbirds.

So it looks as if our town has at least three football teams now (in chronological order): the Blast (our indoor soccer team), the Ravens (our American football team) and the Blackbirds (our indoor American football team). Technically there are four, if you count our town's small Gaelic football team. And speaking of which, what are y'all's plans for St. Patty's Day?

I love these stream of consciousness posts.


danielle said...

The Baltimore Blackbirds? Who knew? I haven't been paying attention to football of any sort, because the University of Maryland Basketball team has been blowing up! It's nice to have at least one team doing well.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Amen, sister! How could the Terps escape my mind like that?