Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I was a bad Catholic boy today...

It's Ash Wednesday, and I ate meat. I ate a lot of it today. Like a Jewish gal who ate a cheeseburger or a Muslim fellow and his pulled pork sandwich, this nominally Catholic guy ate bacon, chicken and two hot dogs today. On a day where Catholics don't eat meat. Oops.

Stop judging me, Sr. Mary Elephant. Don't you judge me!

Seriously though, was it really worth it? I specifically cite a dining experience I had at Towson University's Paws dining area today before a graduate class. I had a crispy chicken breast covered in buffalo sauce, with tomato and lettuce, all sandwiched in a croissant.

I love chicken when it's crispy and crunchy.

But not if it got that way by being dried out on a grill.

It's God's punishment - you'll eat it, but you won't like it!


Fairfax said...

You need to have your knuckles rapped by a ruler. Bad boy!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Oh, but by the time I was in Catholic school, they had made the transition from rulers to "negative behavior points" - which is less likely to get you sued.

danielle said...

I heard on the radio this morning that KFC now offers a Fish Snacker sandwich and that KFC sent a letter to the Pope asking him to bless it. The Pope did not respond. :) As penance, you should only eat Fish Snacker sandwiches for the rest of Lent!

Baltimore Snacker said...

Oh my. KFC scares me. How much fat in there again? Not like I eat it all the time.

Hmm, that'd be a good question, or a good feature: fast food accommodations for the Lenten season.