Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Lenten Fun! (or Kentucky Fried Fish)

Danielle just let me in on a little piece of news from KFC, a place that usually scares me (I still shudder whenever I think about that massive fried chicken-mashed potato-with-everything bowl). I quote:

I heard on the radio this morning that KFC now offers a Fish Snacker sandwich and that KFC sent a letter to the Pope asking him to bless it. The Pope did not respond. :)

And why would he? Benedictus is too busy lookin' fabulous in the Vatican. Still, that got me wondering: What fun, commercial ways are fast food joints and other restaurants accommodating the Catholic crowd? We already know what KFC is doing. And of course, McDonald's has their Filet-O-Fish Fridays. If y'all in blogland hear of anything interesting, please let me know! Just leave a comment or email me (link is to the right). Double if you find any special accommodations for the Passover season, which always coincides. Though I seriously doubt that a strict kosher household would eat at Burger King* during Pesach. Hell, I'm not!

In other news, I think I know what I'm giving up now. Fast food! Okay, that was too easy.

* No link to Burger King's website because it is SO packed full of junk - kind of like their food - that it really sloooowwwwed down what is usually a pretty fast connection.


Fairfax said...

Ugh... i gave up sweets *with the sunday exception.

danielle said...

You really ran with that comment! Did you see all over the national news yesterday the footage of the rats running around the NYC KFC? I guess they liked the Fish Snacker.

And the Pope has red designer shoes? That doesn't seem right.