Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wow, I Really Need to Ignore the Weather

So it looks like the Weather Channel got it wrong, so far: they said it'd be 72 on Sunday, while the TV stations all said the 50's. has slowly been revising its estimate downward. Now Saturday looks to be the warmer day; We'll be lucky to see the mid-50's on Sunday.

Looks like the perfect day for some quiche and some hot chocolate. I'll bust out my quiche recipes. It's fairly easy, but only if you thoroughly cook the veggies first, to release the juices from them, juices that will water down your quiche if you put them in raw (I learned this by trial and error).

Also, if you want to get creative with the cheeses, some advice: brie has not worked for me quiche-wise. I thought it'd melt nice and evenly, but it hasn't (please y'all, tips for ine-brie-ated quiche if you have 'em). I like harder cheeses grated together. Do you know that the Whole Foods in the Inner Harbor (but not in Mt. Washington) often sells small pieces of cheese that they have left over? With an electric grater, it's even faster! You can use so many different cheeses in your quiche that way.

One last tidbit: I like baking a pre-made pie shell (oh c'mon, it's easier). Then I put the cooked veggies and meats on the bottom, then the cheese, and finally the egg mixture. The temperature will depend on the recipe, but I find this order a useful one.


verity said...

Scheesh, I wish I knew how to cook. LOL.

FYI, did you know the festival was cancelled?

Baltmore Snacker said...

Oh that figures. Oh well, just frees up the weekend for something else I guess.