Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More from Jolene's Trailer Park

I've found out more about Miss Jolene Sugarbaker, whose hilarious Pinto Bean Chocolate Fudge video I have posted before. She has lots of cooking videos on YouTube, including one recipe for Frozen Butterfinger Pie. It also appears she's kind of a local, hailing from Alexandria, VA.

But her modus operandi is pure, unadulterated white-trash cookin' - yum! Just take a look at her video for Cherry Chocolate Baked Donut Pudding with Malibu Margarine Sauce! Uh, yum? Well it probably tastes better than it sounds.

I could easily see Miss Sugarbaker manning her own booth at Honfest next year. I'd buy her pinto bean fudge! Ah, if wishes were horses...

Or drag queens...