Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cookie-ness in Hampden, Hon!

If you are up by Hampden, please do stop by the Hometown Girl & Company. I went to search for Christmas presents among all the Baltimoreana for friends in SoCal, Oklahoma and Michoacán, Mexico - that last one will cost a few dollars to mail. Placed cleverly by the cash register, next to the CDs of O'Malley's March (the only Irish band to feature a governor-elect in Maryland), were some cookies.

Rose's Ginger Snap Cookies - homemade, hon. Along with my other food purchases I simply had to ask for a cookie. "Aoh, looks like we're gonna have to get Rose to make more cookies!" the check out person said. I ordered one.

It was a pretty good cookie. It had the unusual distinction of being soft, hich is strange in all the ginger snaps I have eaten in my life. The softness of the cookie was a nice surprise. Get over there and try it! And be sure to buy the strange gummy T-bone steak for $5. That's the gag gift for my buddy in California.

Oh, when it's open, try out Hometown Girl's ice cream parlor. Yum!