Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Locavory: White Icicle Radishes

After being inspired by the books (on CD) of Josh "Beekman 1802 / Amazing Race Winner" Kilmer-Purcell's The Bucolic Plague and then Barbara "Nope, Never Been on Amazing Race" Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I have made a New Year's Resolution.  Actually a few.  For one, I will only order seeds to plant that are certified non-GM (find a list of non-genetically-modified, non-Monsanto-related seed companies at the Emergency Homesteader site).  I have also resolved to purchase and consume at least one locally-sourced food product of some kind every two weeks (every fortnight as our British friends might put it) - veggies or fruit from one of the local farmers' markets, crabs and urshters sourced right from the Chesapeake Bay (not that difficult to do around here), craft beers brewed right inside the Beltway, and so on.

I've already fulfilled that second resolution for the first two weeks of the year. I went to Waverly Market last Saturday (and of course, forgot to grab the glass bottle for some milk from South Mountain Creamery, dammit.  Oh well, next time).  I was not looking for anything in particular, and left with a good amount of things to use.  Some farm fresh eggs with deep yellow-orange yolks and one with a feather still stuck to it (just $2 for small eggs).  Various apples, locally grown ($3ish).  And a bunch of what looked to me at first like little white carrots but were, in fact, white icicle radishes ($2 for the bunch).  

It was easy to find recipes for these things.  Both I found at Kalyn's Kitchen, linked from the website.  For the root part, I did a smallish version of her roasted radish recipe with soy sauce and roasted sesame seeds.  I was able to do this while preparing the leaves, too.  Oh no, don't throw them out: stir fry them!  Kalyn's recipe for stir-fried spicy radish greens (and chard, which I had none of, and I hate chard anyway) was a good way to use those up. I didn't have to worry about finding space for it in the fridge, since a bunch of seven small-to-medium white icicle radishes is about one serving.  But it was a lovely, crunchy, very mild and not really pungent radish meal.  I replaced the green onions in her radish roast recipe with sliced garlic, but apart from this, I tried to follow both of her recipes.  Delicious.


Laura said...

go with Baker Creek and Landreth. both companies are fantastic, and their customer service is top notch. we've used them for a few years now. also, if you make your way up to Ladew for their Garden Festival, Landreth usually shows up. they're booked for this year for sure.