Monday, December 26, 2011

Did I mention there was a Kwanzaa cake?

Oh what the hell?  I've posted it often enough but you just can't watch this train wreck enough, can you?  Imagine what she would do for Boxing Day?  Get a cake, put it in a box!

But, I figured, why stop there? Some Youtube users have actually tried to replicate this monstrosity. My favorite one is this one by Youtube user DrJerryrigger (he also made the Hanukkah "cake", as you may know). His video is quite hilarious, and so I have to link to it here.

But wait, there's more! Youtube user Rockyhorrorsue has also conquered the "angel food harvest 'cake'" for all to see, with somewhat more professional but just as hilarious results.  Of course, she likely means this as anything but a tribute to her African American friends.  Far from it - instead, she's poking gentle fun at the white girl with her own TV show about cocktails and tablescapes.

My favorite comment comes from Youtube user Petulia67: "This is like recreating a sinus infection". Yes, Petulia, there is a Sinus Infection. A delicious, sweet angel food harvest sinus infection in your mouth!

Erm, okay that's probably a bit more appetizing than this total affront to Kwanzaa. But as Rockyhorrorsue's video deftly pointed out, there are three different types of corn syrup in the cake. And corn, unlike cinnamon flavored store-bought frosting, is indeed a part of Kwanzaa. As the Smithsonian points out on their Kwanzaa educators' page, corn (muhindi in Swahili) represent children, and the stalks represent their parents. None of this has anything to do with corn nuts, as Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga, the founder of the Kwanzaa celebration, would readily note. Kwanzaa is meant to celebrate the agricultural principles that also help build communities, strong enough even to withstand an angel food cake cut in half, that some idiot covered with store-bought icing, filled with apple pie filling and dumped a whole bunch of corn nuts on top of.

I really have to stop writing about Sandra Lee. She's just too easy a target.