Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cooking for Engineers

Have you checked this website out?  I was searching the internet for clam chowder recipes for an upcoming post about Massachusetts, and found the most geektastic food website ever.  Cooking for Engineers was started seven years ago (yes I am quite late to this bandwagon) by Michael Chu of the Silicon Valley.  He originally wanted a place to backup his recipes, and a server problem wiped out most of them.  Then he discovered Blogger and a whole new avenue opened up for him.

He outlines his recipes in a way similar to how I outline mine in my State-by-State and Food Ethnography posts, only much sleeker and more streamlined than mine.  Then he streamlines the recipe even more by putting it in a nice neat little box (for example, his recipe for lemon bars).  I guess it takes an engineer! I wish more recipes were diagrammed out like these.