Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The peas are shootin' up!

A gardening update: my garden is starting to take real shape. A few things I noticed while I was working in my plot today, some more surprising than others:

  • I have a renegade lettuce problem. Oh sure, the romaine I have in the ground is doing nicely, but I have a whole lot of lettuce sprouting up all over my plot. This happened after my lettuce plants bolted last year. At least I liked the lettuce. Now I'll not have to buy lettuce at all this summer.
  • My sweet peas and snow peas are coming in even more nicely. I have never grown peas so I was surprised to see how fast they shot up after just a few weeks. I also have some big ass onions and some carrots, cabbages and potatoes shooting up.
  • Is my corn supposed to be growing already?
  • As I've said before, I had no idea that mint and oregano would grow so wildly. I'll be constantly pruning this stuff back all year. I hope it doesn't strangle out the parsley I just planted.
  • I finally put those peanuts in the ground. These may not sprout for a good while. I'll keep you all posted.


Nanc Twop said...

Wow John, sounds like your garden got a head start this year... did you give your peas something to climb onto yet? (rem to shade that lettuce when summer gets hot, so it doesn't go bitter)

I wouldn't worry about mint taking over - mine always gets an affliction that causes it to slow down again. Good luck!

John said...

They haven't sprouted high enough to put a trellis or something like that in place yet, but when they do I will put something there. I made sure to plant the sweet peas and the snow peas next to each other so I could just have one trellis for then to use!