Friday, March 11, 2011

Meatless Friday #1

As I recently said, I am attempting to go meatless on Lenten Fridays, as per my cultural template and upbringing, just to see if I still have the fortitude to do so. Today was Lenten Friday #1, and I eschewed not only meat but fish (the go-to meat alternative for Catholics). My lunch choice was the always-tasty, always-filling, sometimes-a-little-slow Mango Grove for their always vegetarian lunch buffet. I had to hurry out since I was lunching between courses and had to get back to work. But it was quite a good choice. There was an okra dish that I had never seen or tasted before, and I failed to get the name of it, but it was quite a nice surprise. And their idli was soft and spongy. A good choice for anyone giving up meat for Lent. Even if only for 1/7 of the week.