Monday, January 17, 2011

A few random bites: January Edition

Yes, once again I've been overwhelmed with work, job apps and extracurricular activities to write about everything I've eaten as of late. Just a few tidbits to keep you all up to date:

1. Sof'ella's Blueberry Muffin with Streusel Mix is pretty damn good. It's not so easy to find here but go to any of the DC-area World Markets and you will find them easily.

2. A week or so ago, my sister and I met up with some friends of hers for a (mostly) girls night out - all the way out in Eldersburg. The County Cork Pub is a very busy place, and for at least half an hour it was standing room only for us while we waited for a table. Once seated I ordered for myself a plate of oysters on the half shell (about $10), with a few tangy sauces to eat them with. So delicious. The burger ($9) with hand-cut fries in garlic were even better, but filled me up too much for any dessert.

3. This past Friday night I stopped by 13.5% Wine Bar. Again, it was all good: bread with olive oil and roasted garlic ($6) was a little messy, as far as squeezing out the garlic, but still very comforting. The pulled duck confit tacos ($8) were new for me: rich duck confit with an onion jam and sprigs of cilantro inside soft tortillas were an odd combination, but one I will have to come back to sometime soon. And I must pair it with their four shots of draft beef ($7), which gives someone like me, who can't make a decision, a nice variety of beers to try out. The Clipper City stood out for me, but all were good.

4. That chocolate gravy-turned-mousse that I made a few weeks ago was still good in the refrigerator yesterday. Still not sick! Oh what one will pull out of the fridge if it has no fuzz or weird colors on it.

5. Oh what useless junk one will find in Giant: who really needs a "small appliance caddy" to slide small appliances that just-are-not-small-enough back under your cabinet? Really?