Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fire on Charles Street!

Best wishes for the folks whose businesses were damaged in the fire on Charles Street. Donna's, My Thai, Indigma and the Helmand were all damaged, and I have eaten at all of them. I don't know enough, based on what I've seen and read. Some restaurants may be back in a matter of days, others may take a while. Let's hope they and their staffs are able to get things back up and running soon. This is a bad time for their employees to be out of a job!

Also: does anyone know about Thairish or any of the other businesses on that side of the block?


Anonymous said...

Thairish was also closed when I checked a few days ago. The police cordoned off Helmand and what looks to be everything south of it (including Thairish). Hope Thairish reopens soon (I miss my padthai!).