Monday, November 08, 2010

I made a pie...

I have not made very many pies in the past. I have made even fewer with my own homemade pie crust. It is, well, kind of a pain the ass to roll out. Plus, you have to do all the chilling in the refrigerator, and it just takes a major chunk out of my very busy day.

But I broke down and made one again. This time, it was with apples! Gorgeous, mouthwatering apples! The apples came from the Towson Farmers' Market, ending until May on the Thursday before Thanksgiving (note that, Towsonites). The folks who hawk apples there are very helpful in recommending apples for a pie. I admit: I know next to nothing about pie apples. I know next to nothing about any apples, to be perfectly frank. I've never eaten many in the past. It's not my favorite fruit. But I'm willing to learn.

The pie crust recipe came from John Shields (double crust pie recipe, Chesapeake Bay Cooking). The filling recipe came from Tyler Florence, courtesy of the Cooking Channel (my new favorite cooking channel, when I am at house that has cable). I just wish the recipe itself had been a little more thorough in how you prepare the filling. It's mentioned as an afterthought at the end. Tyler, what the fudge!? I mean, I figured it out, but what if somebody is not as resourceful?

Anywho, I am quite impressed with my first pie. Though I added a little too much salt to the crust (what you get for eyeballing the salt, dude), the pie is just wonderful, with the tartness of the apples meshing nicely with the cinnamon, nutmeg, brown and white sugars and - gasp - butter that coated it all. I've never been too hot on apple pie, but if I keep making more of these, I'll get hot on it. Oh yes, I will. Especially with some vanilla ice cream from Trader Joe's.