Saturday, August 07, 2010

Stainer Chocolate

Ma Petite Shoe had its monthly First Friday chocolate happy hour (is it a chocolate and shoes happy hour? I don't know) yesterday and I stopped by for something chocolate. Though I was tempted to buy something of the "genuine Chiapan cacao" or "Mo's Bacon Bar" variety, I quickly threw out those ideas when I saw a curious seciton of chocolate bars with spices and flower petals infused in them. Andrea Steiner Chocolate, out of Italy, has landed on to US shores and found their way to Hampden, hon. Though I almost grabbed a 50 g (1.75 oz) box of rose or violet chocolate for about $6, I went in for the white chocolate with saffron. Though the texture was not too out of the ordinary for me, the flavor was pleasantly unusual. I thought the saffron went well with the white chocolate. My sister, on the other hand, got a very sour look on her face. As she popped the chocolate into her mouth, I saw her grin turn into the funniest look of displeasure I have ever seen on the face of any woman who was eating chocolate at the time. Really, I thought Cathy would like it. Guess not. Now the rose-petaled bar she is more than up for, so I will get her one of those.