Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Very Own Broccoli

Out of all the broccoli that I planted in my plot at Clifton Park - most of the seeds never even sprouted, and of the few that did, most got eaten by bugs - this little head was all I ended up with:

I grew it from a seedling I let start right outside. Three and a half months later, I fix it up. I figured it would probably be the best-tasting broccoli I had ever eaten.

And it was.


Chris said...

Well congrats on what survived,how'd you prepare that lone broccoli head? Also have you planted anything else on your plot? I've got some tomatoes sprouting in a few pots on porch and I'm definitely looking forward eating them, if they manage to survive that is.

Dan said...

Ryan and I just started some broccoli seeds the other day. Hoping to get a crop in before the first frost in the fall. She has really been enjoying watering the plants in the containers and checking on the progress of her veggies. The other day my wife prepared the first green beans from the garden, which Ryan had grown from seeds! I hope some of the other stuff we've planted survives the critters.

John said...

This may be ambitious, but I just planted some corn seeds last week. Already the shoots are 5 inches tall. May not give me corn in 2 months but what the heck.