Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camden Yards has to find SOME way to draw fans back...

Apparently, there is some new "all you can eat" section at the ball park. And it's not just here. This from Brett LoGiurato at the Sports Illustrated website.

The left-field sections at Camden Yards are part of the growing trend of all-you-can-eat style options in major league ballparks. At a cost of $40 per ticket in the section, fans are entitled to a buffet-style choice that includes all the above-mentioned foods and even salad -- you know, in case you are feeling guilty.

"It's a great deal, especially for the teams that aren't selling out every game," [interviewee Matthew] Cavalier said. "The Phillies, Yankees and all them are always going to be fine. They don't need to do this. But for fans of, say, this team, it's a good plan."

The Orioles aren't the only franchise attempting to boost attendance in slacking sections with the promotion. Nineteen of the 30 major league teams offer the all-you-can-eat seats at some games in 2010, up from 13 two years ago and six in 2007.
The last time I went to Camden Yards (that was about four years ago), I shuddered at having to pay $4 for a hot dog. $40!? Dude!


The Running Moron said...

The Orioles started the AYCE "picnic perch" section as a test a couple years ago and made it a permanent thing last year, so it's not really that new to Baltimore. I sat there a couple times, and $40 seems like a lot, but before they added the chow those were $25 seats. An additional $15 to make yourself sick on ballpark basics like hot dogs and nachos is totally worth it. I mean, if you don't have a decent team to cheer for at least you can cheer for the guy sitting next to you training for next year's Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

jmc said...

This is at least two or three seasons old at Oriole Park, I think. The food is...not the best ballpark food, to be honest. It's not bad, but not Boog's BBQ either. The value really depends on what you'd normally pay for your ticket and how much you eat at the ballpark. For people who spend a lot on hotdogs, soda and nachos, it's worth it. For people who prefer other ballpark food, not so much.

John said...

This goes to show just how long it's been since I've been to an O's game. Didn't even know about it. Still don't want to do it.