Monday, May 24, 2010

I have to start eating healthier

As my laptop battery was dying on the plane, it dawned on me that I was finally in the unique position of being able to blog about what I eat from 30,000 feet in the air! This is courtesy of AirTran, whose internet access is not free despite what their flight attendants might suggest. Were that AirTran one of those small percentages of airlines that offers anything more than little itty bitty cookies or a small bag of pretzels. Too bad I didn't bring in my greasy, salty, and not altogether appetizing breakfast sandwich from the Quizno's in D Terminal next to my gate.

At least I got filled up on a Tacos Del Carbón meal at Del Taco w/ crinkle fries and a Diet Coke. That's because my friends whom I am staying with are starting NutriSystem in order to lose a few pounds.

Man, I need to eat better. I really do.