Friday, April 23, 2010

Eating near Churchville

A few tidbits from Harford County:

1. Across the street from Harford Community College are various eating establishments I need to familiarize myself with. I've started with Richard's Fish and Crabs.

I am usually up that way on Tuesdays & Wednesdays when they have their $1-$2 crab deals. Currently, you can get smallish females for $1, small males for $1.50 and larger males for $2. I got three females and two small males (total: $6). Twenty minutes later and they were done! If you're not in a crab mood, they have everything from rockfish to shrimp, frozen and fresh.

2. I stopped in at Broom's Bloom Farm Products yesterday and saw tables of patrons happily sipping freshly-made soup and homemade ice cream. I first went to the fridge and freezer section, with frozen lamb, beef, pork and various sausages (anywhere from $3.50 to $10 per lb), and fresh farm milk, buttermilk, yogurt, butter and eggs. Nestled among them were plates of quiche and other ready-to-eat dishes, all made at Broom's Bloom Farm.

I was drawn to the ice cream, for $7.50 per quart. It seems steep - and, well, it is - but it is such good ice cream. I bought a small cup of vanilla (about $2.50) and figured I would bring it home to eat. Half way between Exit 80 and the Beltway it was already gone. It is not easy to eat a bowl of creamy, almost buttery ice cream while you are driving a stick shift, I'll tell you what! Also had a silky yet still crumbly corn muffin for only 85 cents.

Both businesses are open Tuesday through Sunday. that's not a Harford County thing, is it?


Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

Yum!!! I've wanted to get the ice cream from Broom's Bloom Farm for so long - you've convinced that I HAVE to go soon!!!!