Wednesday, March 10, 2010


1. Rice milk really doesn't taste all that bad straight up.

2. National Pi Day is coming up. What will you bake to commemorate it? Better not be some damn cake. If you're at the Maryland Science Center on 3/14 (get it? 3? 14?), you could take part in a pie eating contest, with pies courtesy of Morton's Steakhouse. Here's the press release I was sent (H/T - Todd Scott):

Parents should round up their kids, take a digression from their usual weekend plans, and find the best root to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Sunday, March 14 when the Maryland Science Center will host its annual Pi Day celebration in honor of π, the mathematical symbol for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Visitors can participate in multiple activities including a pie-eating contest with Key Lime pies donated by Morton’s The Steakhouse, a hula-hoop endurance challenge, (because it’s a circle!) and show off their Pi memorization skills in a fun competition, and listen to Pi related music all day.

All events are free with paid admission to the Maryland Science Center . The Maryland Science Center is located at 601 Light Street at Baltimore ’s Inner Harbor . For information and ticket prices, visit or call the 24-Hour Information Line at 410-685-5225.

Round up? Oy.

3. Liz at McCormick & Schmick's emailed me some info about an event that celebrates crabs both in and outside the Chesapeake. As she told me:
The special menu ends at the end of April!McCormick & Schmick’s is giving guests the opportunity to “Discover America’s Crab” with a special menu showcasing several varieties and preparation styles for crab. With everything from Regional Crab Cakes to King Crab Legs to Lobster Ravioli Topped with Blue Crab on the menu, there’s something to please every palate.
The special menu runs through the end of April!

4. The Sun Plus has a new story up about the whoopie pie, that classic Yankee dessert that's finally found its way across the Mason-Dixon Line for good. Author Jill Rosen talks about some local businesses that deal in whoopie pie goodness, and argues that Baltimore, surprisingly, is the unassuming epicenter of a whoopie pie renaissance. That's ironic, since Baltimore to me has always seemed like more of a moon pie town. She did email me about the story, due to my own recent post on the topic, but I think I got back to her way too late to be helpful (sorry!!!). Since I don't know too much about whoopie pies beyond what I wrote here, I probably wouldn't have been much help anyway. Regardless, here's her story! I'll be using it to find some more whoopie pies in the area, plus a recipe.

5. This weekend my birthday is coming up. I don't want to think about it, but I want cake. Can I have the cake without the turning older?